Corrugator Productivity

The inventory of rolls plays an important role in optimizing corrugator productivity, achieving maximum corrugator utilization depends on paper, production speed is impacted by paper changes, the waste strip is also an important factor between several others.

It is essential that the strip of waste be brought to its minimum level without causing problems to the corrugator's operations. It may be the case that due to a fault or failure in the machine, it is chosen to increase the waste, but over time, surely it will be much more expensive to increase the minimum trim than to make any investment in solving the problem in the machine.

Trim vs Productivity

When a plant wants to get a low trim waste, usually they open more widths, but this affect the corrugator productivity because they have to deal with the paper changes, peel waste, space to store and organize more rolls, butt rolls, etc.

There are plants with sofisticated equipment that allow them to reduce the paper changes and downtimes, but either way, it affects the corrugator performance, increase the inventory level and costs.

Production Time

At first glance it might seem that making this order by 3 outs is better than by 5 outs because the trim waste is lower, however it represents a higher cost.

With this example we can show that a lower trim does not necessarily represents a lower cost, here you can see that not only represents a mayor paper cost but a higher production time.

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